Cosive works with Australasia’s leading organisations to improve their security.


Cosive works with you to accelerate your threat response, complete more successful investigations, and save time and money by automating security processes. We help you unlock the full capabilities of your security personnel, allowing them to focus on what’s really important.


React faster.

Move faster than attackers. We accelerate your response to threats and help you detect new kinds of attacks. Because a rapid response is the best front line defence against fraud.

Find answers.

We know that a higher rate of successful investigations makes your organisation less vulnerable to future attacks. We’re experts in helping security teams conduct successful investigations, faster.

Automate the busy work.

Automation means your staff can focus on high-value work that really needs a human touch. When security teams are moving too slowly and stuck being reactive, the underlying cause is usually a failure to leverage automation. We can help.

Do more with what you have.

Unlock the full capability of the people (and budget) you already have. We empower your security operations personnel with fit-for-purpose tools, best practices, and targeted automations.


Why Cosive?


Security is our speciality

Cosive draws on a deep base of security experience across multiple industries and disciplines. We’re a team of specialists in incident response, threat intelligence, security automation, security strategy and roadmaps, penetration testing, secure software development and more.

We know what works

Cosive has a wealth of experience working with CSIRTs and SOCs. We analyse your team’s operations to optimise your processes and help you work with the best commercial and open source tools available. If the perfect tool doesn’t exist yet, we are also highly experienced in building bespoke tools tailored to organisational needs.

Partnered with the world’s best

Cosive is trusted to provide services from some of the world leaders in threat intelligence, endpoint detection, SIEM and incident response. Our motto is: “We only provide the tools we would use ourselves”.