Recorded Future Threat Intelligence


 Recorded Future Threat Intelligence



Recorded Future’s goal is to empower our customers with contextualized threat intelligence in real time, enabling organizations to proactively defend against threats at the speed and scale of the internet.


Early Warning on Emerging Threats

For intelligence to be truly useful, it must possess two key attributes: context and timeliness. Intelligence derived through human analysis may have high context but takes time to produce, and while traditional threat data feeds are fast, they lack the layers of detail that help make threat content actionable.

Focus Resources on Intelligence That Matters

There’s a wealth of threat data available from hundreds of thousands of sources, but scaling your resources to uncover emerging or active threats using these sources is beyond human capability. AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing can make sense of this data, helping you to define risk and response.

Automatically Integrated Threat Feeds

There are so many threat data feeds available it can be challenging to know which ones matter. Recorded Future brings together more than 65 threat data streams with more being added all the time. You can also easily add any threat feed you already subscribe to (vendors, security specialists, ISACs, etc.). All of these feeds are automatically analyzed by our solution to add vital context.

Relevance in Real Time

More isn’t better. Better is better. You want access to new intelligence with the ability to drive action and enable proactive defence. This intelligence gives you new insight into threats directly relevant to your business, industry, and technology.