Improve your response.
We help you automate and streamline your security operations,
and let you spend more time doing what’s important.
Focus on what's important.

Cosive is a specialist in incident response and threat intelligence.

We have expert knowledge of CSIRTs and SOCs, and we understand your pain points. We will help you optimise your processes and tools, using our comprehensive knowledge of the best commercial and open source tools available to find the best solution for your needs.

If the perfect tool doesn’t exist yet, we are also highly adept and experienced in building and integrating bespoke tools tailored just for you.

We help your security team focus on what's important!

We've partnered with world-leaders in threat intel.

EclecticIQ logo

Manage your threat intel with the EclecticIQ Platform. EclecticIQ's flagship Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) enables automated security information exchange, empowers collaborative analyst workflow and ensures timely integration of cyber threat intelligence detection, prevention and response capabilities. Cosive provides consulting, integration and support for the EclecticIQ Platform in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

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Automate and orchestrate your security operations with the Phantom Platform. The Phantom Platform integrates your existing security technologies, providing a layer of connective tissue between them. It supercharges your Security Operations Center (SOC) by automating repetitive tasks and orchestrating multiple concurrent workflows.

Hearing a lot about STIX, but want to see it in action and test it out?
Cosive offers the free STIX Data Generator for just this reason - give it a try right now!


React Faster

Responding to incidents quickly is key. Attackers automate their attacks, giving them ample time to steal your information. We help you react faster and integrate your tooling to detect attackers that would otherwise be missed. The faster you can find them, the faster you can take action.


Understand Your Intel

The problem today is not finding sources of Threat Intelligence, but rather organizing it and making it actionable. We give you the power to understand your intel, and make the most of your investment.


Find Answers

Shouldn't your security tools give you the ability to answer your questions rather than complicate your investigations? We think so. That's why we provide tools that give you the answers you want.


Work Smarter

Smart organizations realize that prevention alone doesn't work - detection and response are required for an organization to really defend itself. We can show you how to develop a detection and response capability and the best way to integrate it into your organization so you get the most value from it.


Improve Efficiency

There is a global shortage of competent Security Operations personnel, yet the number of security attacks faced by organizations is ever increasing. We can show you how the latest technologies and smart automation can help you sort the things you need to care about from the things you don't.


Be Effective

Find things others don't. Integrating and automating your security operations allows your organization to use more effective analysis methods to find the scenarios that matter.