We are regular speakers and participants at conferences and industry events across the Asia Pacific region. This is part of our goal to help grow the information security industry and pass on what we know to a wider audience.

A selection of our past presentations are listed below for your enjoyment.


AusCERT 2019: Running Your Security Operations Centre (SOC) Playbooks as Code

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, a.k.a. SOAR. It’s the one thing that Kayne Naughton, Cosive’s Managing Director, believes everyone in security should do. In this talk, Kayne argues that almost any organisation can benefit from using automation to perform repetitive tasks and provide context. Human attention should be reserved for making decisions based on this information.



STIX 2.0 Lego for your threat intel

STIX 2.0 is a way to structure threat intelligence language. STIX describes the threat intel in a structured format, TAXII then moves the threat intel into a threat intel repository for storage. STIX and TAXII are used by many of the biggest technology companies and governments are driving the adoption process. STIX 2.0 simplifies the process and removes onerous restrictions, making it easier for you to sight things easier and be more descriptive.



AusCERT2017 Day 1 Kayne Naughton: Focusing Security Monitoring With TTPs

Kayne discusses TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures) and how knowledge about them can help you to improve the value and robustness of your threat intelligence. 



AusCERT2016: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

As “AI” both advances and becomes more complex, with a dearth of experts who understand and operate it, we are rapidly approaching an era that will enable IT people and their screw-ups to ruin lives on an unprecedented scale.



AusCERT2016: Maturing your security team: haste makes waste

Are your security teams / CSIRTs / SOCs actually prepared to use threat intel, big data and machine learning? The answer is often: “no”. Many organizations gloss over the basics, and try to integrate the latest cutting edge technology before they are ready. Learn how to get ready. 2016: Using Linux features to make a hacker's life hard

This presentation is aimed at arming System Administrators, Developers and Hobbyists with a collection of tools and techniques to thwart hackers post-exploitation using common Linux features.



NZITF Conference 2015: Passwords under a Cloud

Kayne demonstrates common mistakes that organizations make managing their passwords and provides solutions to fix them.