CloudMISP - Managed MISP Service

All the benefits of MISP with the convenience of SaaS.
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Your team's ready-to-use MISP instance.

Although MISP is extremely powerful it can be difficult and time-consuming for teams to self-host, configure, harden, maintain, and upgrade.CloudMISP is a ready-to-use MISP instance in the cloud, managed for you by a team of security experts with battle-tested MISP experience.

Follow MISP best practices out of the box.

Let our dedicated team host, run, and upgrade MISP for you.
Save weeks of development time and avoid potential configuration mistakes by outsourcing setup, upgrades and maintenance to our team of MISP experts.

Get full access to the MISP UI and API.
All the power of a self-hosted MISP without the burden of installation, configuration and maintenance.

Gain full control over your MISP build.
Make your CloudMISP installation your own with custom scripts, plugins, and integrations if you need them.

Benefit Self-hosting CloudMISP
Expert setup & configuration
Secure AWS infrastructure
Testing & deployment of updates
Disaster recovery (DR)
High availability (optional add-on)

Let our team of experts install and run your MISP

We’ll deploy your hardened MISP system on our secure AWS infrastructure.
Our team has deep experience securing critical infrastructure in the cloud for major banks and national governments.

We’ll analyse, test and apply monthly MISP updates.
We’ll analyse each major update, let you know what’s new and highlight any potentially breaking changes. Once you’re ready we’ll apply the update for you.

We’ll deploy your custom settings and supporting software.
CloudMISP is more than a “one size fits all” solution. We’ll help you customise your MISP install to suit the unique needs and security challenges of your organisation.

We’ll take care of monitoring, operational support, DR, and (optionally) HA.
We monitor and manage the health of your MISP instance for you.

We can set up non-production MISP instances if you need them.
As an additional option, we can provide MISP instances across multiple environments if you need them for your development and integration testing efforts.

You’ll get ongoing access to Cosive’s MISP expertise.
Benefit from over a decade of experience using, operating, securing, installing, maintaining, and integrating with MISP.

Customer Testimonial

Cosive CloudMISP allowed us to deploy a secured MISP instance quickly and without the worry of finding specialist resources to deploy and maintain a new threat intelligence platform. Using CloudMISP supports our CTI capability without the overhead of another product to keep up to date in our patching cycle.

The Cosive team are extremely knowledgeable in the area and their support is extraordinary.

- Principal Threat Analyst