Capabilities to match

your challenges.

Work with Australia & New Zealand's leading cybersecurity technologists to solve your toughest security challenges.

Our capabilities include security assurance, security engineering & custom integrations, security operations consulting, cybersecurity training, gap analysis, roadmap development, and running tabletop exercises.

Cybersecurity Training

Experienced cybersecurity training providers

We provide cybersecurity training both in-person and remotely throughout Australia and New Zealand, including to organisations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

Security Engineering & Integration

We combine software engineering capability with deep security domain knowledge.

Our expertise means we are regularly called upon to develop bespoke security tooling, systems and integrations for major organisations throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Security Assurance

Increase preparedness, close gaps and harden your defences with our security assurance and security advisory services.

Through meticulous assessments, audits, testing and reporting, we identify weaknesses and potential risks in your security infrastructure and provide realistic recommendations on how to fix them. Our security assurance services include detailed reports suitable for regulatory bodies and key stakeholders.

Threat Intelligence

We are AU & NZ's leading CTI experts.

We live and breathe threat intelligence at Cosive. Our CTI practitioners have served at major banks, critical infrastructure providers and government bodies. We are open source contributors to the MISP threat intelligence platform and offer a managed MISP service (CloudMISP). We combine on the ground knowledge of how to run successful threat intelligence programs with the operations, engineering and tooling capability to uplift your threat intelligence team.

Tabletop Exercises

We provide realistic cyber security scenarios to test your response plans and capabilities.

Cybersecurity tabletop exercises can provide a baseline of your current state of readiness, enhance your understanding of the cyber risks you face, and allow your leaders to practice decision making in a controlled environment.

Security Operations

Unleashing SOC excellence

Build a robust security operations centre (SOC) that can effectively safeguard critical assets, detect emerging threats, and respond swiftly to security incidents. We can assist with improving workflows, tooling, incident management playbooks, and your logging, monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Fraud Detection

Fraud prevention and detection with a focus on Australia & New Zealand.

We are the creators of Antifraud, a behavioural fingerprinting solution that stops fraud before it happens. We also have the capability to build bespoke fraud prevention and detection tooling and improve your fraud analysis workflows.