About Us


Cosive works with leading organisations Australasia-wide to improve their security posture. We are experts in the use of threat intelligence and security orchestration.

We are industry veterans who bring over 17 years of security experience to every engagement. Our customers are high-profile fraud targets with the toughest security challenges imaginable: major banks, financial institutions, critical infrastructure providers, technology companies, and governments.

We give our customers the power to understand their internally and externally sourced intelligence and use it as a force multiplier for their existing security investment. We help organisations automate their defences, allowing them to concentrate on what really matters: making better use of their analysts’ time.

We offer products and services in a number of different areas, from consulting and training, to bespoke software development and custom Cosive-developed products. We can help you integrate best-of-breed security tools into your team’s workflow. We are focused on providing threat intelligence management platforms, security orchestration, intelligence feeds, integration and consulting services, STIX/TAXII consultancy, and incident response guidance. We also offer malware analysis solutions, endpoint protection, and intelligence enrichment systems.

Backed by a wealth of experience, we’re ready to take on your toughest security challenges.

Cosive is jointly owned by Australasian industry veterans Kayne Naughton, Chris Horsley and Terry MacDonald.


Cosive Board



Managing Director

Kayne Naughton is a technologist and security researcher with 17 years of experience across the education, government and finance industries. He founded the Security Intelligence team at National Australia Bank’s nabCERT and contributed to the tasking, operations and strategy of the Security Operations team in addition to leading the bank’s response to many cybercrime related incidents. Since leaving the banking sector he has provided advice, consulting, solutions and training to most of Australia’s leading banks. Kayne is a regular speaker at security events, covering both the offensive and defensive perspectives.



Chief Operating Officer

Terry MacDonald has been involved in information security for over 17 years. He has worked in various roles during that time, spanning Security Operations, Policy, Planning, Business Development and Product Development. Terry co-founded the Spark NZ Security Operations Team, has worked in senior roles at the Cisco Managed Threat Defense centre and helped Microsoft develop their internal Threat Intelligence Management solution. Terry has been a major contributor to the OASIS STIX, TAXII and CybOX threat intelligence sharing standards, and has provided advisory services to major vendors such as Microsoft, Soltra and EclecticIQ. Terry is also an NZITF board member in his spare time.



Chief Technical Officer

Chris Horsley has a long background in the international CSIRT community, with over seven years of experience working in national CSIRTs, almost five years of experience consulting to CSIRTs, and five years experience as a software developer and sysadmin prior to that. Chris has worked as an incident responder for AusCERT, a high-profile Australian CSIRT, and JPCERT/CC, the Japanese national CSIRT.