Adversary Emulation (Red Team)

Adversary emulation services enable you to stress-test and validate your security controls and processes. Get instant oversight into your security program's effectiveness, allowing you to remediate gaps and weaknesses before threat actors can exploit them.
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We provide adversary emulation/red team capability via AttackIQ.

The AttackIQ platform enables continuous validation that your security controls, processes and people are working as intended and delivering ROI. It offers fully curated MITRE ATT&CK testing experiences. It seamlessly integrates into any existing network, delivering immediate visibility into your security program so you can uncover gaps in coverage, identify misconfigurations, and quickly prioritise remediation efforts.

Cosive are AttackIQ authorised partners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

AttackIQ Product Range

For established security organisations seeking to bolster their defences, AttackIQ's Enterprise is the ultimate choice. Gain unfettered access to advanced intelligence for on-demand control testing. With AttackIQ as your co-pilot, coach, and trainer, experience continuous testing excellence as part of a co-managed service. Ensure your security measures evolve hand in hand with the most cutting-edge practices.

If you're an SMB looking to enhance your security posture without the in-house resources for continuous validation, AttackIQ's Ready! package is tailor-made for you. Enjoy a fully managed breach and attack simulation service, providing a steadfast baseline of regular testing data. Prove your robust security posture to your leadership, board, insurers, and regulators with confidence. AttackIQ's team handles the intricacies of validation, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

When flexibility is your mantra, Flex is an excellent fit. Run spot checks, ad hoc testing, and fast evaluations across departments, including during corporate mergers or alliances. Satisfy regulators and leadership. AttackIQ's agentless test-as-a-service solution empowers you to take charge of your own validation journey and security compliance on your terms.

Get the benefits of automated control validation

  • Red team staff using AttackIQ reported a 57% gain in efficiency.
  • SOC teams using AttackIQ reported they were 47% more efficient.
  • Organisations using AttackIQ reported a 44% reduction in the expected cost of breaches.

Customer stories

Having cybersecurity controls (technology, people, process and procedures) in place will not alone protect your organization from breaches and attacks. Proactively measuring the effectiveness of your controls on a regular basis and fine-tuning them to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape is imperative.
- Uma Mahesh Reddy (CISO, Prime Healthcare Services)
AttackIQ enables us to be more strategic with our security investments. What should we implement next to drive down risk? Automation is a smarter way of answering that question than manual pen testing because it reduces the cost of testing and increases the thoroughness of assessments.
- Martin Petersen (CISO, ISS World Services A/S)
The value of AttackIQ is clear to see: a solution that allows us to detect advanced threats and show our controls are working, with ongoing posture validation replacing our expensive and limited penetration testing. As a Critical Infrastructure organization, the benefits of the approach are clear.
- Nathan Morelli (Head of Cyber Security, SA Power Networks)