Application Security Testing

Get a thorough assessment of the security of your software applications to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
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Verify that your applications are secure.

We combine static, dynamic and interactive application security testing to build a thorough picture of your application's security. This includes analysing source code, binaries and code repositories to identify any vulnerabilities in your codebase. We'll then test your application in a running state to emulate real-world attack scenarios.

Our team combines both software engineering and cybersecurity expertise, giving us the unique ability to approach application security testing from a "line-by-line" code review level.

Proactively identify exploits

Application security testing gives you increased peace of mind that your software application is free from security flaws, coding errors, and misconfigurations that attackers could exploit to gain access to sensitive data or disrupt your service. This reduces the potential risk and impact of security breaches.

An audit from our team also gives you greater confidence that your software complies with industry regulations and standards that are relevant to your organisation, including PCIDSS or GDPR.

In a climate where high-profile data breaches are becoming all too common, application security testing can prevent your organisation from being compromised by proactively identifying exploits before they're discovered by threat actors.