CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale

Log everything. Answer anything. All in real time.
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Tackle increasing data volumes with Falcon LogScale.

Explore Falcon LogScale's impact on your organisation's efficiency and security. Experience the difference of lightning-fast search, real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, and enhanced log management, security, and decision-making.

“Switching to Falcon LogScale saves us $2-3 million every three years in infrastructure costs and $1-2 million a year in licensing costs … At any given point, we have around 2,500 searches happening, and most complete in seconds.”
- Stian Bratlie, Systems Engineer, SpareBank

Traditional logging tools can’t keep pace with data growth

Slow search speed

You can’t stay ahead of threats if your logging platform takes minutes or hours to return query results.

Blind spots

You can’t protect what you can’t see, and legacy logging is too complex and too costly to store everything.

Exorbitant costs

You shouldn’t have to compromise on how much data you ingest and how long you retain it to stay on budget.

Why choose Falcon LogScale?

Falcon LogScale is your one-stop shop to address security, IT, and DevOps logging requirements. With its high scale and affordable price, Falcon LogScale extends super-fast search, analysis, and visualization to all of your data.

Security logging at petabyte scale

A powerful, index-free architecture and advanced compression technology lets you store all of the data you need for months or years.

  • Collect more data for threat hunting and investigations.
  • Scale to over 1 PB of data ingestion per day with negligible data loss or performance impact.
  • Choose between cloud-native or self-hosted deployment.

Real-time search to outpace adversaries

Aggregate, alert on, and visualise live data as it streams into Falcon LogScale. Monitor the health of your systems, detect threats immediately, and identify issues early.

  • Get real-time alerting, search, and visualization.
  • Achieve sub-second latency, even with complex queries.
  • View graphical dashboards with live data.
Live observability

360° visibility to eliminate blind spots

Consolidate all of your data to break down silos and meet your security and observability requirements with one solution.

  • Let security, IT, and DevOps teams hunt for threats, monitor performance, and achieve compliance.
  • Search across 3 billion events in less than 1 second.
  • Easily query any field with free text search.

Falcon LogScale by the numbers

Uncover security and reliability issues before they impact your business.

3B records

In less than a second.* High-speed search empowers you to uncover threats fast and reduce mean time to detect.

Up to 150x faster

Find suspicious activity in a fraction of the time of traditional security logging tools.2

Up to $9M savings

Estimated reduction in total cost of ownership over three years for a Norwegian bank by switching to
Falcon LogScale.

Calculate your log management savings

Falcon LogScale key capabilities

Extensible query language

Falcon LogScale takes your searching, hunting, and troubleshooting capabilities to the next level with its powerful, intuitive query language. Dig deeper to gain additional context with filtering, aggregation, and regex support. Quickly scan all events with free-text search.

Custom and out-of-the-box dashboards

Live and historical dashboards let users instantly prioritize threats, monitor trends, and troubleshoot issues. Easily drill down from charts to search results, build and share dashboards, and use pre-built dashboards from the LogScale Marketplace.

Powerful CrowdStream observability pipeline

CrowdStream lets you easily connect and route data from any source to accelerate Falcon LogScale adoption and time-to-insights. With CrowdStream, you can solve log management, security, and compliance challenges quickly and cost effectively.

Fine-grained, role-based access control

Falcon LogScale makes it easier than ever to manage user and access rights. You can granularly control permissions and access privileges with role-based access control and scope-based access control.

Easy deployment and rapid time-to-value

Set up new logging instances and start ingesting data quickly, whether you choose cloud, self-hosted, or hybrid deployment. Streamline operations and maintenance and take advantage of affordable unlimited plans to simplify license management.

A radically simplified user experience

With an intuitive interface and easy-to-learn search language, your users can quickly create live streaming searches, dashboards, and alerts. Predefined and saved searches take the guesswork out of building a query, while a drag-and-drop dashboard editor makes visualizing data a breeze.