EclecticIQ Curated Feeds

Track primary threats with curated threat data feeds optimised for EclecticIQ intelligence centre.
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Accelerate CTI operations and increase ROI with feeds optimised for EclecticIQ Platform.

The overwhelming number of threat feeds available in the marketplace can cause data overload. Your analysts may waste hours processing, structuring, and tagging sub-optimal data full of false positives.

To overcome this challenge, EclecticIQ offers two threat data feeds curated for primary threats and optimized for EclecticIQ intelligence center. The Open Sources Feed is provided with EclecticIQ intelligence center. The Commercial Sources Feed is a cost-effective, single-procurement add-on that includes original data from exceptional boutique threat data vendors and threat intelligence reports from the EclecticIQ Threat Research team.


  • Accelerate CTI Operations and Increase ROI with Feeds Optimized for EclecticIQ Platform
  • Gain Visibility into Primary Threats and Access to EclecticIQ Intelligence Reports
  • Streamline Feed Procurement with a Single Cost-effective Subscription


  • Reliable Curated Open Sources Feed
  • EclecticIQ Intelligence Manager comes bundled with a STIX-compatible, curated threat data feed that tracks primary threats at no additional cost.
  • The Open Sources feed pulls data from 10+ reliable sources.
  • This data is optimized for EclecticIQ Intelligence Center by the EclecticIQ Threat Research team, which uses the feed daily for its investigations.
  • With the Open Sources Feed, your analyst teams avoid wasting time on poor quality feeds and can focus on investigations to accelerate CTI operations.
  • Advanced Commercial Sources Feed
  • This curated, single threat data feed brings together data from boutique commercial sources to supply deep insight into primary threats, including polymorphic malware, DDOS botnets and bulletproof hosting providers.
  • Delivered via a single procurement, the feed aggregates data from sources not commonly available in feed marketplaces.
  • It uses machine learning to process data from more than 550 million sensors, sandboxes, honeypots, net analyzers, web crawlers, traps, monitored botnets, and the dark web.
  • This cost-effective feed can help jumpstart your CTI practice or expand the threat landscape visibility offered by mainstream feeds.
  • EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Reports
  • The Commercial Sources Feed contains actionable threat intelligence from the EclecticIQ Threat Research team, including analyst-generated MITRE ATT&CK tags to facilitate identifying malware/tool functionality.
  • This research consists of tactical, strategic, and operational weekly digests and reports uniquely linked to structured visualizations on EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.
  • This threat intelligence empowers your CTI and SOC analysts to accelerate investigations and intelligence dissemination.