Intel 471 Adversary Intelligence

Keep a vigilant eye on the cybercriminal underworld.
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Insights from the underground.

Adversary Intelligence is Intel 471's founding product and is an actor-centric intelligence capability for our customers. It combines both a field-based intelligence collection and a headquartered based intelligence analysis component.

Our field-based intelligence collection function is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access to closed sources (typically referred to as the deep and dark web) where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyber attacks. This includes a globally dispersed team of experienced intelligence operators from nearly every continent on Earth who are primarily former law enforcement, security services and military officers. The team is comprised of native speakers who are experts in tracking, investigating and interacting with cyber threat actors in the region.

Our headquarters based intelligence analysis function is focused on leveraging our unique intelligence collection to create finished intelligence products that can be easily consumed by different areas and functions within an organization.

Customers of Adversary Intelligence includes organizations across the globe from the financial, e-commerce, retail, transportation, energy, oil and gas, insurance, legal, technology, electronics, security consulting and government sectors.

Deliverables within our Adversary Intelligence includes:

- Automated forum/marketplace collection

- Intelligence Bulletins

- Information Reports

- Situation Reports (SITREPs)

- Underground Perspectives

- Spotlights

- Intelligence Briefings

- Requests for Information (RFIs)

- Keyword, actor or issue based alerting