Intelligence Collection Consulting (Feeds & OSINT)

Efficiently and effectively collect and analyse relevant intel to enhance your cybersecurity posture and decision-making processes.
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Select and integrate the most relevant threat intelligence feeds for your organisation.

As Australia & New Zealand's leading threat intelligence practitioners, we offer a range of services to improve the quality and relevance of intelligence flowing into your collection systems.

Optimise your threat intelligence feeds. We'll advise on selecting and integrating the most relevant threat intelligence feeds for your organisation, whether open source or commercial.

OSINT Strategy Development. We can assist in formulating a comprehensive OSINT strategy, outlining the sources, tools, and techniques needed for success.

Feeds and OSINT Integration.  We can better integrate threat intelligence feeds and OSINT into your organisation's existing security operations, enabling seamless data consumption and analysis.

Data Collection and Aggregation. Our threat intelligence engineers will set up the means to collect and aggregate intelligence data from multiple sources, emphasising timeliness and accuracy of information.

Threat Intelligence Analysis. Our threat intelligence analysts will share their expertise in analysing collected data to extract actionable insights, identify potential threats, and prioritise security measures.

Customised Intelligence Reporting. Customised intelligence reports tailored to your organisation's specific needs, summarising relevant threat information and providing recommendations.

Training and Skill Development. We offer training workshops on intelligence collection, analysis, and response, facilitated by experienced CTI practitioners.