MISP Engineering & Consulting

MISP is the most popular open-source threat intelligence sharing platform and is in use at thousands of enterprise organisations around the globe. Cosive are veteran MISP practitioners, contributors to the MISP project, and our consultants have provided subject matter expertise on MISP to the ACSC. We operate a managed MISP service (CloudMISP) and also provide MISP engineering and consulting services.
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Work with Australia & New Zealand's leading MISP experts.

We provide comprehensive guidance, expertise, and support in effectively implementing, optimising, and utilising the MISP platform to enhance your threat intelligence capabilities. Let us guide you towards unlocking the full potential of MISP.

If you've not yet implemented MISP into your CTI workflow, we can develop a strategic roadmap for integrating MISP into your security ecosystem. Next, we can assist with installation and configuration of MISP. We offer a hosted MISP service and can also assist with installing MISP on your own infrastructure, either on-prem or leveraging AWS, Azure, or another preferred cloud provider. Next, we'll ensure MISP is properly integrated with your existing SIEM, CTI and EDR tools, forming a cohesive system.

Let us tailor your MISP instance to match your needs

Once you have a MISP installation up and running, we can customise your MISP to align with your organisation's specific needs and workflows. This includes configuring taxonomies, tags, and other metadata to match your internal classification standards. We can also develop custom MISP modules, scripts, or integrations to enhance MISP's functionality and integration with other tools.

Allow us to assist you in integrating external threat feeds and OSINT into MISP. We can also implement automated enrichment processes to improve the quality and context of threat data.

We can also provide guidance on analysing and correlating threat intelligence within MISP, and help you to develop workflows for sharing threat indicators and intelligence with trusted partners and communities.