SecOps Maturity Models, Roadmaps & Gap Analysis

Lay the groundwork for a comprehensive SOC uplift.
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Bridge the gap with the help of leading SOC practitioners.

Is your Security Operations Center (SOC) struggling to keep up with evolving threats and industry best practices? Our consultancy offers a comprehensive Maturity Models, Roadmaps & Gap Analysis designed to elevate your SOC's capabilities to new heights.

SIM3 Assessment (ENISA CSIRT Maturity Model)

We use the popular SIM3 maturity model as adapted by ENISA. The framework measures CSIRT capabilities across Organisational, Human, Tools and Processes parameters. All parameters are evaluated in order to determine level of maturity (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced).

Gap Analysis

Gain invaluable insights into your SOC's current state through Gap Analysis. Our team of veteran SOC practitioners will thoroughly assess your processes, technologies, and personnel, identifying key areas for improvement and growth.

Roadmap Development

We'll work closely with you team to develop a strategic roadmap, outlining actionable steps to enhance your SOC's performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge methodologies and industry benchmarks. Our consultancy brings years of experience and deep industry knowledge to empower your SOC team, ensuring you're equipped to defend against even the most sophisticated threats.

Partner with us to bridge the gap and strengthen your security posture. Empower your team with the tools and strategies they need to proactively respond to threats and protect your organization's valuable assets.

Transform your SOC today and secure a resilient future with our Maturity Models, Roadmaps & Gap Analysis service. Reach out to us now to start your SOC's journey towards excellence.