Secure Software Development Practices

We can help integrate security best practices into your team's software architecture and development workflow.
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Shift security left.

As experienced software engineers with security expertise, we'll empower your team to implement secure coding practices throughout the software development lifecycle.

We will help you integrate a security-focused approach early on in the software development process, and help you integrate a focus on security into each stage of development.

Consulting Program

Depending on your organisation's needs, our secure software development consulting can include:

Training on secure coding standards, including security guidelines and best practices for developers, such as the OWASP Top 10. This training is designed to raise awareness among your developers about common vulnerabilities.

Threat Modeling to identify the most relevant security threats and risks for your software engineering team. This helps you to prioritise security measures based on the most relevant potential threats.

Secure Design and Architecture Review. We can review the architecture of your cloud systems and/or applications to check that your systems are architected to be secure and that data is appropriately segmented and protected.

Static Code Analysis (SAST). We may recommend and assist with implementing static analysis tools for use during development, integration and deployment to provide a level of automated security checks.

We can also perform manual code reviews to detect complex security vulnerabilities that automated tools may not identify.

Secure Deployment and Configuration. We can also address secure deployment practices and configuration management to ensure that the application is deployed securely in the production environment and that environments are appropriately isolated from one another.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Implementation. We'll help you establish and integrate secure software development practices into your software development lifecycle, creating a continuous and proactive security approach.

Ongoing Support and Training. If needed, we can provide ongoing support, consultation, and training to your software engineering team to maintain a security-first mindset throughout the development process.