Security Tool Integration Development

We build secure integrations and plugins for your security tools, connecting disparate tools together to build robust systems.
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Connect your tooling in powerful ways.

Is your team wrestling with a set of security tools that don't work seamlessly together?

Cosive's security engineers specialise in integrating disparate security tools into a unified, synergistic defence system. We take the time to understand your current security infrastructure, workflows, and pain points, enabling us to craft customised integrations, plugins and configurations built for your organisation's unique challenges and workflows.

We've built integrations for Splunk, MISP, EclecticIQ and STIX, among many others.

Unlike pure software development consultancies, our engineers are cybersecurity specialists at heart. Our in-depth knowledge of the threats, attack vectors and defensive strategies gives us the capability to design secure integrations that empower your security specialists.

We believe in the necessity of firsthand experience. Most of the time, we have used the same tools we integrate, giving us a unique advantage in understanding the tool's strengths and weaknesses, and how to extract maximum value through integration.

Our approach goes beyond just setting up integrations. We build them with your team in mind, ensuring they are user-friendly, intuitive, and seamlessly incorporated into your existing workflows.

Finally, we go the extra mile to create integrations that are easy for your team to maintain in the long run. Our aim is to empower your internal cybersecurity capabilities, letting you tweak the integrations to match your evolving needs.