Pure Signal™ Recon

Monitor threat actor infrastructure and view your organisation from a threat actor’s perspective.
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The ground truth for security teams.

Gain the advantage over your adversaries

  • Optimise C2 blocking
  • Detect threats other tools have missed
  • Detect supply chain threats
  • Improve your incident response

What is Pure Signal™ Recon

Recon by Team Cymru is a cloud based query tool that uniquely accesses Pure Signal™: the world's largest data ocean created specifically for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Risks Management.

  • Gain successful outcomes with these use cases
  • Unmatched internet visibility to reveal adversary infrastructure - there is nowhere to hide
  • Real time access to data to ensure only validated threats are prioritized
  • Intelligence and knowledge to reduce risk of  repeat attacks by the same malicious adversary
  • Spot victims of attacks to assess and measure impact of large scale attacks

Pure Signal™ Recon is unique across the Cyber Security industry and is updated hourly from over 200bn+ daily internet connections.  With up to 90 days access to internet telemetry, it is the most comprehensive cyber threat intelligence source available, anywhere.

Pure Signal™ Recon

Let us help level up your team of analysts and cyber defenders with Pure Signal™ Recon,

  • Improve resistance to attacks
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Offer victims support
  • Mitigate risks to public services.