Custom Threat Intel Dashboards & Analytics

Get precision insights with bespoke threat intelligence dashboards and analytics.
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Visualise, predict and defend.

Our threat intelligence engineers will create custom threat intelligence dashboards for your team, aggregating essential data, metrics and alerts in one place.

We will create comprehensive dashboards that provide precise and concise insights into cybersecurity threats and risks. These dashboards will serve as centralised, visual interfaces that aggregate and present crucial threat intelligence data.

We'll undertake the following steps as part of delivering your custom dashboards and analytics:

  1. Requirements Gathering. We'll work with you to understand your threat intelligence program, tooling, feeds, and industry-specific threats to determine the scope and objectives of your custom threat intelligence dashboard. We can also make recommendations based on building and using dozens of threat intelligence dashboards across Australia & New Zealand organisations.
  2. Data Source Integration. Our team will identify and integrate relevant data sources such as threat feeds, logs, security tools, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM systems, and other relevant data repositories.
  3. Dashboard Design and Customisation. We design user-friendly dashboards tailored to your threat intelligence team's requirements. Customisation can involve selecting specific metrics, data visualisations, and threat indicators that are most relevant to your organisation's security posture.
  4. Real-Time Data Streaming. We can set up mechanisms for real-time data streaming and synchronisation, ensuring that your custom dashboards display the most up-to-date threat intelligence information as it becomes available.
  5. Data Processing and Analysis. We can implement advanced analytics capabilities to process and analyse incoming threat data, identifying patterns, trends, and potential IOCs.
  6. Dashboard Maintenance. If needed, our team can ensure your dashboard evolves with shifting tools and data sources, remaining updated and relevant over time.

We have the capability to build custom dashboards for leading TIPs like MISP, EclecticIQ, and many more.