Threat Intel Program Establishment Consulting

Prepare your new threat intelligence program for success with stewardship from Australia & New Zealand's leading CTI practitioners.
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Establish a culture of best practice from the beginning.

We will help you establish a clear vision and roadmap for your new threat intelligence program.

We begin by helping you to define your stakeholders, both internal and external. A common mistake threat intelligence program managers make is to overlook non-obvious stakeholders who end up being critical to the overall success or failure of your program. We'll help you to identify all relevant stakeholders early on and understand their use cases when interacting with or consuming the threat intelligence you create.

Next, we help you to define your products - the measurable ways in which your threat intelligence program produces value for your organisation. In general, this value should be partially tactical (e.g. automated feeds or periodic alert reporting) and partially strategic (e.g. communication with business stakeholders).

We will help you to plan how your threat intel products will be created and shared within your organisation, including who will manage the creation of these products, and in what format they'll be shared.

Next, we'll help you take the critical step of defining what matters most to your organisation. This involves ensuring relevancy by aligning your threat intel collection and analysis with your organisation's most pressing risks.

Then, we help you to define the assets you'll need to run your threat intelligence program effectively. Typically, this involves a mix of tooling and platforms, combined with the analysts required to leverage them.

Finally, we can delve into the nitty gritty of budgeting and resourcing, helping you to get the most value from the resources available to you. We see an enormous amount of wastage in threat intel programs, with inefficient allocation of budgets and resources, and expensive tools being underutilised. We'll help ensure your threat intelligence program makes the utmost use of the resources at your disposal.