Threat Intel Tooling & TIPs Consulting

As Australia & New Zealand's leading threat intelligence experts, we can help you select the right tooling and platforming to support your threat intel program goals.
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Get recommendations borne out of on-the-ground experience.

Our team includes CTI practitioners and leaders with deep experience across a multitude of tools and threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), including MISP, EclecticIQ, OpenCTI, Sentinel, Splunk, Pure Signal Recon, Scout, and many more.

We'll gather an understanding of the needs of your threat intelligence program and the existing tools and platforms you're using. We can then suggest additional tooling to fill gaps, integrations to connect disparate systems, or the right TIP for your threat intelligence needs. We can also help you unlock more value from your existing tooling with training, adjusted configuration, or useful automations.

Our recommendations are based on real-world experience using the tools and platforms in anger as part of enterprise-scale CTI teams and national CTI projects. If we don't have experience using a tool ourselves, we'll do our best to connect you with someone in industry who does.