Threat Intelligence Engineering

From developing bespoke CTI tooling to integrating and customising your existing tools, Cosive's threat intelligence engineers are ready to help.
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We develop CTI tooling, hosting, and integrations.

Our skilled threat intelligence engineers specialise in developing tailor-made CTI tooling or plugins that enable ideal CTI workflows with minimal wasted time and effort. We've developed custom CTI tooling in use at some of Australia & New Zealand's largest threat intelligence programs.

Alongside bespoke tooling, we can securely integrate your existing threat intelligence tools and platforms into a cohesive system that works for you, not against you. In doing so, we'll work within the bounds of your existing system architecture, adopting your preferred hosting stack.

Finally, we can host and deploy open source CTI tools and platforms for you and make them available as a managed service. We will ensure these services are resilient and kept updated, secure, and ready for your team to use.