Threat Intelligence Maturity and Roadmap Review

A comprehensive assessment to evaluate your organisation's existing threat intelligence capabilities and chart a strategic roadmap for enhancing your program's maturity level.
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Understand your program's maturity relative to industry peers.

As Australia & New Zealand's leading CTI practitioners, we will review your threat intel program from the ground up to identify its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. We provide an expert, external perspective on your threat intelligence program, helping you identify gaps and blind spots you may not have considered.

Possessing an inside view of many of Australia's leading CTI programs, we'll provide insights into how your program compares to industry peers, ultimately aiding progress towards a more advanced and effective threat intelligence posture, regardless of your baseline.

Maturity review

We'll review your threat intelligence program across a number of dimensions.

Data Sources and Collection. Assessing the relevance and quality of data sources used to gather threat intelligence.
Analysis and Context.
Assessing your organisation's ability to analyse threat intelligence and disseminate context to security teams and relevant stakeholders.
Lifecycle Management. Assessing how your team manages and organises threat intelligence across the entire lifecycle.
Integration with Security Operations.
Assessing how well your threat intelligence program is integrated into your organisation's security tools, processes, and incident response workflows.
Alignment with Objectives. Assessing how well your program is aligned with its overall objectives.
Sharing and Collaboration.
If your organisation is a member of a threat sharing community we can evaluating your organisation's ability to share threat intelligence with trusted partners and collaborate on threats. If your organisation isn't currently part of a threat sharing community but aspires to join one, we can evaluate your preparedness for joining a sharing community.
Skill Level and Training. Evaluating the capabilities of personnel involved in threat intelligence activities and identifying areas for growth.

Roadmap Review

We will assess (or assist you to develop) the roadmap outlining your objectives, goals, and initiatives for improving your organisation's threat intelligence capabilities over a specific period.

This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness, feasibility, and alignment of the roadmap with your organisation's overall threat intelligence strategy and objectives.

The main focus of the roadmap review is to ensure that your team's planned actions and initiatives will effectively enhance the organisation's threat intelligence program and maturity to meet its intended goals.