VMRay DeepResponse

Improved SOC productivity. Trustworthy automation. Faster Incident Response.
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Unlock the potential of your SOC & CERT.

VMRay DeepResponse (formerly VMRay Investigator/Analyzer) empowers DFIR and SOC teams to

  • Detect unknown and advanced malware & phishing threats
  • Deepen their insight into the malware and phishing URL behavior
  • Automate alert validation and validate false positives, such EDR alerts
  • Improve SOAR playbooks
  • Enhance incident response
  • Curate & share Threat Intelligence

Reliable and accurate input for CERT, SOAR and XDR

VMRay DeepResponse observes the genuine behavior of malware and phishing threats.

All signal, no noise.

Noisy results are a daily frustration for SOC analysts and managers.

Excessive noise impedes manual investigations, and discourages efforts to automate the sharing of results, because doing so propagates the weaknesses of those results to other systems.

VMRay’s Intelligent Monitoring generates concise and focused output that only addresses the malware or URL’s core behavior. This eliminates false positives, streamlines analysis, and scales automated detection.

Increase SOC efficiency: Reduce False Positives & Close Blind Spots

Analyzer detection sample showing how it detects the undetectable threats and eliminates blind spots

Featured Technologies

Intelligent Monitoring:

Allows VMRay to stay invisible to evasive malware as it runs solely in the hypervisor layer and without affecting the analysis environment.

Smart Memory Dumping:

Advanced triggers to accurately dump and store relevant memory buffers of analyzed malware in real time that enables timely detection.

Machine Learning:z

Fed by the highest quality input data derived from our analysis, our Machine Learning model improves our capabilities to detect the undetectable.

With brand new advanced threats entering the cybersphere every second, it is inevitable that some will slip through your EDR defenses. DeepResponse helps you fill the gaps and cover the blind spots: it is the last bastion and your ultimate source of truth.

Built by industry pioneers and having stood the test of time for over 10 years, DeepResponse catches what others can’t.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Pre-built Connectors make it easy to not only input from other systems, but also, output to other systems.

Available are connectors to Carbon Black, Cybereason, SentinelOne, Rapid7, and many more.