Phishing Defence


Phishing is a major problem for internet-connected businesses. It can be difficult to detect when phishing attacks occur, identify victims, and get phishing sites taken down quickly.

There’s a better way. Our services empower your team to detect and contain phishing attacks with speed and confidence, measurably reducing fraud losses.



Cosive Antifraud

Our Antifraud product allows you to detect when attackers try to manipulate your customers’ and staff web browsers. We can detect if malware is changing what the user sees, allowing you to detect and mitigate it.

We also fingerprint every web browser that visits your website, allowing you to detect when attackers are building their phishing website, or repurposing your web content for their own ends.



Cosive Autoseeder

Autoseeder is a phisher’s worst enemy. It impersonates victims and swamps the phisher with fake, realistic data. This pollutes and devalues the phisher’s haul, while forcing attackers to waste time trying to sort out the real data from the fake.

We also provide you with the fake data we entered, allowing you to detect when those fake credentials are used within your systems.

If you use Cosive Antifraud in addition to Cosive Autoseeder, you get even more functionality, as you can use Autoseeder to identify the attacker’s infrastructure, and you can use Antifraud to identify which of your real users have fallen prey to the phishing attack.



Cosive Takedown Service

Our Takedown Service is available as an add-on to our Autoseeder product. With this service, we do the hard work for you. Tell us about a phishing page targeting your organisation and we do the work to make sure it gets taken down.