Security Consulting


Cosive have partnered with Australasia’s biggest banking, financial, energy, and technology companies, helping them become world-leaders in security.



Cosive can help you identify your security goals and develop a roadmap to reach them.

We have extensive experience consulting on security with some of Australasia’s largest organisations. Our staff have helped set up security operation centres and CSIRTs in New Zealand, Australia and overseas, and we understand where your pain points are.

By analysing your team’s operations, we will help you optimise both processes and tools. We combine our operational experience with a mastery of the best commercial and open source tools available. And if the perfect tool doesn’t exist yet, we are also highly adept and experienced in building bespoke tools tailored for your needs.

Cosive is a specialist in incident response, threat intelligence and security orchestration. We help your security team focus on the important things.

We are regular speakers and participants at industry events and focus on applying our knowledge of “real life” attacks in order to better defend organisations. We believe this is more effective than exclusively relying on traditional testing methods or media reports.

We currently provide security testing and consulting services both directly and under a subcontracting basis to clients in diverse industries such as:

  • Banking and finance

  • Critical Infrastructure (power and water)

  • Australian Federal Government

  • International incident response teams

  • Resources sector

  • Fortune 500 technology companies

  • Technology startups


We've been there. We know the pain of disjointed systems, broken workflows and solutions that don't integrate. Our mission: to make things easier for you.