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August 15, 2023

Anti-phishing Strategies to Defend Your Organisation

If you feel like your phishing response team has been seeing more attacks than ever before, you’re not alone. The frequency of phishing and spearphishing attacks appears to be ever-increasing as people conduct more of their work and personal lives online. This post will cover the state of the art in anti-phishing techniques, with a focus on strategies that SOC teams, anti-phishing teams and fraud teams can use to defend customers against phishing attacks, and staff against spearphishing attacks.

August 15, 2023

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Crash Course

Cybersecurity is such a broad domain with so many different areas of expertise that it’s tough to be across them all.We all have known unknowns in the field, and none of us can be experts in everything.That’s why we’re kicking off our “Crash Course” series, where we’ll be diving into different areas of cybersecurity and answering the most common questions about the field.

August 15, 2023

Meet Chris Horsley, CTO at Cosive

Chris co-founded Cosive seven years ago, alongside Kayne Naughton and Terry MacDonald and serves as the company’s CTO. In this interview we sit down with Chris to cover his cybersecurity origin story, his time working in incident response in Japan, and the founding story behind Cosive.

August 15, 2023

Establishing a Threat Intel Program: Principles for Security Leaders

One of the more frequent conversations we have with security leaders is how to establish a new threat intelligence program in their organisation. In these conversations there are a few basic principles that we cover because they’re applicable to almost everyone. We’re sharing these principles publicly so that more organisations can learn about our threat intel philosophy and avoid the most common mistakes that can lead to failed programs.

August 15, 2023

How ChatGPT Could Transform the CTI Analyst Role

The interview in this post is taken from Episode 004 of the Cosive Podcast, where Cosive CTO Chris Horsley sat down with Tash Postolovski to talk about the implications for AI tools like ChatGPT on the future of the CTI Analyst role.